About Us

Marine Model Makers was founded by Gerard Crowley, a keen sailor and expert modelmaker. For over 35 years, he and his specialised team have worked internationally and created new standards in the world of model replicas.

Dedicated, inventive team
At Marine Model Makers, mastery of the wide range of skills employed is not enough. To keep sharp pace with the constantly evolving designs and finishes on newly built vessels, we continually look for new and better ways to achieve levels of precision and replication that match original works with an equal standard of gleaming perfection. As each new commission is undertaken, extensive consideration is given to the individual combination of methods, materials and finishing needed to produce its perfect miniature replica.

Traditional wisdom united with futuristic genius
While using hardwoods, stainless steel, epoxies, acrylic etc, we constantly research innovative new materials which best suit 21st century streamlining and push the boundaries to develop specific new methods precisely suited to expert model making. In our custom built, spacious and well equipped studios, hulls and superstructure are fabricated with impressive accuracy using state of the art technology, like 5 axis and CNC laser cutting. The most intricate components such as winches, capstans, masts, etc. are recreated with stunning fidelity, authenticity and attention to detail.


The results are faithful, world-class replicas of nautical vessels that owners and builders proudly marvel over.

We believe our dedication to progressive and innovative new approaches in materials used, techniques employed and technology integrated means we stand out in our industry and produce superior models that will be enjoyed for decades.

We'd be delighted to talk to you about your individual vessel and how it can best be replicated into a showpiece you're proud of. Call us today.