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Welcome to MarineModelMakers

Since the very inception of yacht and ship construction, models have played a critical part in their planning, design, presentation and display.

We invite you into the fascinating and intriguing world of precision superyacht and ship building in miniature.

Marine Model Makers replicate fine yachts and ships in scaled model form, superbly created and faithful in every detail. We use meticulous craftsmanship, expert precision and a painstaking finish to ensure your completed model is worthy of its life size original and a true work of art.

Yacht models that stand out
Because we never rest in our search for newer and better methods and materials we can guarantee our models will surpass your expectations. We constantly refine our range of materials in order to reproduce both the quality and authenticity of the original design. Decking is of real timber, railings of fine stainless steel. We keep the best methods from traditional craftsmanship and marry these with the newest innovations in modern technology.

Aesthetic splendour, invaluable foresight
Miniature replicas are magnificent, timeless showpieces. Our models are highly prized as display pieces, mementos, trophies and awards and adorn many boardrooms, offices, homes and yacht clubs throughout the world. For designers and naval architects they provide the opportunity to test a design or point out the need for changes, avoiding expensive alterations during construction.

At Marine Model Makers our skill, patience and dedication to perfection guarantees your vessel is brought to life in mesmerising, tactile 3D glory.

Step into the captivating world of intricate, miniature models. Call us today to discuss how we can create a model of excellence that brings you satisfaction
and joy.